Finding an Architect

Hire an AIA architect: The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the national professional organization of architects. Members who use the AIA initials after their name are licensed architects and AIA members; however some licensed architects are not members of the AIA — so you need to always look for the AIA designation.

AIA architects benefit from the AIA’s focus on their professional needs and the public service obligations of the profession. Members of the American Institute of Architects have unique access to continuing professional training, timely access to information on new building materials and technologies and, perhaps most important, access to other AIA members who include the best practitioners in the nation.

The following firms are members of AIA Southwest Washington.   Click on a firm to view its profile.

Architects Rasmussen Triebelhorn

Amy Dedominicis AIA Architect

Ferguson Architecture PS

Fisher Architects Firm Profile

Harbor Architects

Helix Design Group Inc.

KMB Architects

McGranahan Architects

Merritt Arch PLLC

MSGS Architects

Stephen Dorsey AIA Architect

Thomas Architecture Studio, Inc.

Additional Firms in Southwest Washington

The following firms are members of AIA Vancouver – click on a firm to view its profile or website

A2 Architects, LLC

BBL Architects, LLC

Collins Architectural Group, PS

DLC Architecture, LLC

Greenstone Architecture, pllc

H Studio Architecture + Drafting, P.C.

Johansson Architecture, PC

Lewallen Architecture

LSW Architects, PC

Manley Architects

Ninth Street Studio

Opsis Architecture

Prestige Development

Walla Architectural Services PLLC

Warman Architecture, LLC

Wilson Architects

DSP Architecture
Farrell & Johansen Architects
Prelude Design LLC
AIA architects are also guided by and must adhere to the AIA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

Visit the National Architect Finder website to search the AIA’s national database for an architect outside of Southwest Washington.

The secret to the successful design and construction of your project lies in the professional, business and personal relationships extablished between the owner and the architect. In the publication You and Your Architect, the AIA provides valuable guidance on how to establish and benefit from those relationships.

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