“AIA Knowledge communities facilitate sharing about design and practice on a national and local level.”-Anonymous

AIA Knowledge Communities are groups of people who share common challenges, opportunities, or a passion for a given topic, and who collaborate to deepen their understanding of that topic through ongoing learning and knowledge sharing.

At the national level, AIA members may join any of the Knowledge Communities and may join as many as they like. KC’s provide access to in-depth information, services, knowledge, and career needs for your particular areas of architectural practice. Online national eNewsletters  feature news briefs, competition and event updates, and insights on emerging trends in the design profession.

At the local level, AIASWW provides unique, relevant and affordable continuing education opportunities for its membership and other in the design community. Locally, members have access to a network of colleagues pursuing similar interests, and they can take advantage of the growing knowledge base and support services offered by the National component.

Our goals as Knowledge Communites include:

  • EDUCATION: Provide resources and educational opportunities for the purpose of increasing individual knowledge and thereby improving our practices, profit potential and innovation within the profession

Click here to view detailed objectives and resources for each of the knowledge communities active on a national level.